How to fix issues with Norton Live Update –


Today you will learn about Norton Live Update, it’s benefits and solving issues with Norton Live Update.

If you have a valid subscription and if your computer is connected to the internet, your Norton Product obtains and installs the latest protection updates using Live Update technology, which protects your computer from newly discovered threats, the latest viruses, and unknown security threats.


By default, Live Update is automatic. However, it can also be switched to manual. To do so, open your Norton Product.


Click “Settings” under “Quick Controls”, you can see the “Automatic Live Update” option, which is turned on by default. When it is ON, it is in automatic mode.


This is highly recommended, as the Norton product works, silently, every hour, to check if your protection updates are up to date. If not, the necessary latest protection updates are automatically downloaded, and updated to keep your computer safe.

Automatic to Manual Mode:

The Norton Live Update also downloads and installs the latest product update patches to keep your Norton product up to date. By turning it off, it switches to manual mode, which is not recommended.

You may need to need to choose the preferred duration or permanently turn it off by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.

Live Update Off

In this case, you need to manually run Live Update, at regular intervals.

Click on the “Live Update” option, under the “Security” tab in the main window, to get the latest protection updates.

Live Update can fail due to several reasons. The major reasons are, related to the internet connection, and insufficient disk space.

When there is no internet connection, you should ensure that the proxy server settings and parental application settings, do not block the connection.


Also, check that the “Network Cost Awareness” option is not set to “No Traffic”. If you have insufficient disk space, free enough disk space on the drive that has your Norton product.

You can also use the “Run Norton Auto fix” link, to resolve the issues with Live Update. If the problem persists, you can contact our Support Team at +1-844-777-7886 for free diagnosis.